Hi. I'm Kevin McGladdery.

I'm an independent iOS developer in California. I'm also quite familiar with watchOS, tvOS, and macOS. I love Swift, Ruby and all sorts of LISPs.

I blog about Swift, Vim, logic, and programming in general.

I'd love to work with you on your idea. Contact me and let's make something great.

I take ideas and I turn them into beautiful, engaging iOS apps. You can see all of my personal apps in the Appstore and on Github.

I've also written multiple open source libraries in Swift and Ruby. You can see them on Rubygems, Cocoapods, and on Github.

Recent Posts

I am ErrorType

A Zelda reference. How delightful! Tune in next time when I use Portal to explain continuations.


FizzBuzz Counts, Improved

I took a good thing and made it better. Or worse. Still hard to tell.


Fizzbuzz Counts

Time for some pop. Watch out for the fizz!